SCENAR Biofeedback

SCENAR stands for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation, developed for the Russian space program to overcome the unique problems of space travel. Pharmaceuticals were impractical due to storage issues and the introduction of toxins into the water recycling system, such as one person on medication would medicate the entire crew. Tests prove the SCENAR to be effective in 80 percent of cases in reducing pain by using bio feedback by stimulating the nervous system. In short, it re-educates the body into healing itself by constantly challenging the previous signal by reducing accommodation and dramatically reducing recovery times from acute injuries.

How it Works

The SCENAR uses biofeedback by stimulating the nervous system and trains the body to heal itself. The device sends out a series of signals and measures the response. Each signal is then only sent back when a change in the previous signal is recorded and continues to retrain your body to heal itself. A course of treatments will vary from individual, and diagnosis. Patients generally experience an increase of energy, and reduction of pain upon first treatment and an overall elevated sense of wellbeing.

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