Aquatic Therapy

Marina Del Rey Physical Therapy literally co-wrote the book on aquatic therapy. It is one of the safest, most progressive forms of rehabilitation due to the elimination of the force of gravity and resistance of water. Our treatments are done in-house in a warm heated indoor pool specially designed for aqua therapy with the wheelchair and limited mobility access. If you don't know how to swim or have a fear of deep water don't worry most treatments are done within the shallow water and a licensed aquatic therapist will be with you making sure you are comfortable and performing well. The purpose of Aquatics is to aid the patient in relaxing while using the properties of water for stretching, increasing range of motion, easing pain, retraining muscles while increasing endurance, strength, rhythm and coordination. Without gravity, patients are able to focus on increased mobility and strength because the painful joint impact is diminished. In addition, water also provides balanced resistance so every movement trains muscles and joints in balance and strength while at the same time pain and swelling are decreased. Most patients described the effects of pool therapy as simply refreshing and often comment on how normal they had felt even though on land they are in pain.

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