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Marina Del Rey Physical Therapy

Marina Del Rey Physical Therapy - Dr. Mike Shapow

We pride ourselves on providing our community with the highest quality of care that is delivered in an efficient manner. We are committed to providing the best physical therapy experience with the highest quality of care for optimal results.

Hands-on techniques facilitate pain relief and functional recovery.

Marina Del Rey Physical Therapy is here in response to the needs of our local community. Therapeutic exercise and home programs will help get you back to where you want to be. Call us today.

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Our Reputation Speaks for Itself!
  • I have received the best care from all of the staff working here. When I came, I was crying with pain all over my body and I couldn’t stand. I was so lucky that my doctor recommended this medical group. G-d bless them. I have special thanks to Mr. Naum and my therapist Dr. Mike Shappow...

    – Louise Refoua

  • Mike you are an incredible person. So personable and caring and helpful. Everyone in your office follows your lead. Not only did you give me great medical advice and exercises for my shoulder but great additional information for my health...

    – Mr. Isidor

  • Very professional! Everyone is so nice and friendly. It’s a place easy to return to. The therapy is the best I’ve ever had!...

    – Susan Hirshhorn

This is a song about a doctor of mine.
He's professional, patient and kind.
An expert in the field of therapy.
If you have a chance, I'm sure you'll agree that Dr. Shapow is amazing, you see.
He'll heal your body and set your pain free.
And, if you want to feel better, take it from me.
Come to Marina Del Rey Therapy.
Come to Marina Del Rey Therapy.